Cnx - D13 Khantoke Dinner



Relax in an informal atmosphere whilst dining on delicious northern Thai cuisine called “Khan Toke”.The word "Khan" actually means a bowl and "Toke"refers to a small, low, round pedestal tray usually made of rattan or lacquer ware.The menu usually consists of "Gaeng Hang Lay" (pork curry with garlic, ginger and other spices),"Nam Prik Ong" (minced pork cooked with tomatoes, garlics, onions and dried-chilies), "Cab Moo" (crispy pork), and special deep fried chicken.        Among many choices, these dishes are eaten with "Kao Nieow" (sticky rice), a special rice variety. Tuck in and eat to your heart‟s content. During the meal, a traditional northern musical ensemble will play soothing music while charming dancers will entertain you with the fingernail dance, candle dance, sword dance and ramwong dance. If you get the urge, join in the ramwong‟s great. After that, there will be a fireworks display. Then, a selection of hill tribe dances performed by the Akha, Yao, Lisu and Karen tribes rounds up this entertaining evening. (Loose, informal clothing is recommended as you will be sitting down on the floor).



What is included ?

 Transportation by van

 English speaking guide

 Dinner and dancing performances as describe